AZID Interview & NSA CREW Graffiti Art from Liverpool, UK

This is an interview from the now dead world-graffiti.com from 2010/11, we will continue to put them back live over the next few months…

AZID Interview & NSA CREW Graffiti Art from Liverpool, UK

NSA CREW – Liverpool Graffiti Art, UK




WG: Where you from and where do you paint?

AZID: Liverpool, England, UK

WG: Who do you run with?

AZID: NSA crew: Casm (founder of crew), Azid, Tea one, Pois, Care, Phog/Cake6, Syph, Inoe, Hope, Beta, Ziek, Moak, Sta one, Kesk, Seez, Dead and Kore.



nsa-crew-liverpool-uk-graffiti-urban-art-Casm and Tea one_

WG: When did you start painting and what got you into it?

AZID: (AZID) 1997, seeing older writers work on the train lines like ‘Harm’ and ‘Vets’, and reading ‘hhc magazine’ (hiphop connection) (they had a small section at the back with graffiti).

WG: You can only paint with 2 colours for the rest of your life, what 2 colours?

AZID: White and black.

nsa-crew-liverpool-uk-graffiti-urban-art-Casm and Tea one




nsa-crew-liverpool-uk-graffiti-urban-art-Tea one

WG: What paint/materials do you like to use?

AZID: Anything really, weve used everything from carplan to ironlak.

WG: Favourite artists out there at the moment?

AZID: Too many to say…




WG: Your art is pretty tight, how long does it take to do a big piece and you ever get hassle for it?

AZID: Thanks, depends on size and time, legal or illegal. some people in the crew are very fast, others take their time. To do a big piece in england can sometimes be a challenge, you can get hassled by police (even doing a legal piece) sometimes but the other factor is the bad weather. If its a good day we can do a big piece in a few hours if we have the right caps.

WG: Any shout-outs?

AZID: Big shout going out to NSA all the VFL london and outside, GDN, Rask, Sums, Vets, Porsh 42 and Deemon.

Check out their flickr page to see more awesome graffiti art from Liverpool