CHOR BOOGIE Talks to in Oct 2010. We Finally Get it Live! Graffiti From San Fran

CHOR BOOGIE Talks to in Oct 2010. We Finally Get it Live! Graffiti From San Fran

CHOR BOOGIE Talks to in Oct 2010. We Finally Get it Live! Graffiti From San Fran asked a few questions of Chor Boogie, his mental bright art has been bouncing around for a while and we love it…

chor boogie graffiti - san diego urban art



WG: Where are you based?

CHOR BOOGIE: out of San Francisco, California..

WG: When did you start painting?

CB: I picked up my first can when I was around 13 years old.



WG: How is painting on the street different to painting for galleries?

CB: Painting on the streets is just a different Audience …the world… and you have that chance to expose your art to them… the only difference to me about the streets is the fact that the canvas/ surface is way bigger so you have more freedom to express.


Painting the streets has had an impact on style simply because when I paint the streets my ego and pride get involved and have to represent the best way I can so I can help inspire the streets to be the best that they are.. there are  a lot that take this for granted rather than a gift though… But painting in the studio is a another animal simply because I have a surface that I can control even more and have more fun with it… So ultimately doing both is in favor simply because I LOVE DOING BOTH…

WG: What paint do you like best?

CB: I use only the best… Spanish Montana… MTN 94…HARDCORE…ALIEN CONCEPT

WG: Where do you take inspiration from?

CB: I just let it flow… let the colors make the piece for what it is… no concept no plan… let the art take its course…


WG: You can only paint with 2 colours for the rest of your life. What 2?

CB: I WOULD DIE, but Black and white are fun.

WG: What artists you into at the moment?


APEX graffiti art - Urban Art


WG: Favourite sneakers?



chor boogie street art

WG: What have been your favourite bits of 2010?

CB: The Stroke was Fresh and so was Germany… met amazing people and artists. Also painted a piece of history which is the most important thing to me (Berlin wall piece). People seem to forget the understanding of this Wall and how many lives it took. And to be apart of its history is priceless… Bringing art history to history itself…

chor boogie berlin wall graffiti

WG: What you got planned for 2011? (Question asked in Oct 2010)

CB: some goodies coming up Art Basel Miami, possibly with a special surprise and a collaboration project at Syracuse University with my boys Apex and Jet Martinez. Can’t reveal too much you will be surprised…


Cheers very much to Chor for talking, check out his latest stuff on his blog and see loads more art on the Chor Boogie website.