Interview With Graffiti Kings Creator & London Graff Artist SER

Interview With Graffiti Kings Creator & London Graff Artist SER

Interview With Graffiti Kings Creator & London Graff Artist SER

Previously published on in 2010.

Graffiti Kings have been around for a while and you may have seen their art without even realising it after a number of advertising and TV appearances.

The London legend and Graffiti Kings founder SER answered a few questions and let us post some photos from the various artists in the group.

SER Graffiti Kings

WG – Who are the Graffiti Kings?

SER – The Graffiti KiNGS are a collective of Graffiti artists from all over the UK.

WG – What names do the Graffiti Kings paint as?

SER – SER – jAZ – Ben – Skore – Crok – Dep – Blam – Bonzai – Frame – Dice – Gasp – Zomby – Mr Met – Smug – Wish – Rich – Rmer – Hoxe – Rocket01 – Faunagraphic – Cage – Brave – Farkfk & Hemp.

WG – How did the group/crew first start?

SER – It started in 2008 by Graffiti writer SER who saw a gap in the commercial market for Graffiti Artists to make a pound note.


WG – What have you all worked on recently?

SER – Diesel, Ed Hardy, Microsoft, Reebok, Gatecrasher, ITV, E4 and infact all the UK TV channels, we have many TV appearances coming this year & they are BIG.


WG – Bit about you, how did you first get into graff?

SER – I started in 1983, there were two brothers in my junior school who were always up to date on new things and were always good at it before anyone else… bmx’ing, skateboarding, yo-fecking-yos, you name it. They both starting calling themselves by their new nicknames, “Turbo” and “Rocket”, we would always see their names written on the park slide and roundabout and within weeks most of us at school had nicknames and were hitting up the manor.

My new ‘names’ were Flash, Hassle, Blast, Zap and Sketch… all within 1 month! LOL! I settled with RAC about 2 years later which was the start of bus bombing for us, we would jump on buses with every chance we had bumping into many other writers who had ten times as much better style than us and they were the ones that really got us into wanting to be better… hopefully better than them.

WG – You’re from Crystal Palace, did you find there was much rivalry between the north/south/east/west London crews?

SER – No not at all, if there was it would allways be for a bit of fun, Or I just never saw it.

WG – Where is your favourite place to paint?

SER – Hmmmmmmmmmmm the Pit.

WG – Favourite painting style, wildstyle, nature, old school bombing etc?

SER – I’m your kinda BIG n bold style master, Dondi wannabe.

WG – Was there a lot of problem with the police when you first started painting like there is now?

SER – Vandalism is vandalism end of, but nowadays they like to send writers down for years??????

WG – Favourite shoes/trainers?

SER – Cheap ones, if I’m wearing expensive ones then its was a good month 

WG – You can only paint with 2 colours for the rest of your life, what 2?

SER – Chrome n Black.

WG – Top artists at the moment?

SER – Anyone painting stuff out the box like Bonzai.

WG – What paint and materials do you prefer to use?

SER – We use the new paint by

Cheers to SER for the photos and answers, check out the Graffiti Kings site for loads more graff, even hire them for an event or for custom work.