MDZ aka MUSA,REBAN,MENDOZA and more… Classic Style Graffiti from Germany (Hamburg) – Interview 2010

Another one from the archives of the now dead (2010)

MDZ aka MUSA,REBAN,MENDOZA and more… Classic Style Graffiti from Germany – Interview 2010


World Graffiti has been following MDZ for a while, I love the lettering and wild colours so it’s about time we showed you some of his art and get a few answers out of him.

WG – Where are you from and what names do you use when you paint?

MDZ – I am from Germany, Hamburg St.Pauli. I spray only in my area only in my hood, I use MDZ – ‘mit der zeit/with time’.

I create every new year a new name.MUSA,REBAN,MENDOZA,MENDIZZO,BRATZ,LOUIS,MDZ,BOBBY,KRUSTY, sometimes I spray 2 years with one name.




WG – How did you go first into graffiti?

MDZ – When I was 12 years old and my cousin have watching with me the movie ” The Wonderers” and now 20 years later I’m really happy about this.

WG – Who are your favourite graff artists?

MDZ – One of my favorites was ” DAIM ” and “HARM Los ANgeles”. Today I like the style of COPE2 and TOOMER TKO. I am a real fan of the Cupcake Cartel CXC.


(MDZ with Suzy Kassem)




WG – You have an old school style i think, you more into the classic look or do like wildstyle or stencil art?

MDZ – I spray every style, I like the New York school and my favorite style is the “Chollo Style/Latin flava.”I love wildstyle but with stencils I can’t work.

I respect that what Banksy started but for me stencil art not really graffiti. Spraying and runnin is like the NWA 100 miles and Runnin. I like pictures with messages. I am real inspired by the latino flava.



WG – What paint and materials do you like the best?

MDZ – I’m spraying with Clash, Belton, MTN and Montana. My all-time favorite is Clash Cans.

WG – Why do you paint?

MDZ – Why? In the first time it was a passion, now this is my work, I do customized, I paint everything like on jeans, jackets, shoes, yachts, walls, wood, everything, design,shirts,flyers. Now I paint for the money and sometimes for me.

WG – You do any tagging or bombing or just the bigger pieces.

MDZ – I love tagging, tagging is the real shit. I know that most people said tagging is shit, graffiti is better, but tagging was the beginning of it all.



WG – Any shout-outs?

MDZ – I wanna send a greeting to HITOP in Sydney and to every painter in Australia, make a full coloured night.