New Nick Walker Show ‘In Gods We Trust’ – Art Sensus London 2010

New Nick Walker Show ‘In Gods We Trust’ – Art Sensus London 2010

New Nick Walker Show ‘In Gods We Trust’ – Art Sensus London 2010 died for whatever reason, but it had a bunch of interviews on it. We’ve pulled these off and we’ll feature them as we go along, as well as whatever else we find on it that’s worth featuring.

We’re starting with an interview with UK stencil artist Nick Walker from 2010…


Nick Walker has a new show at Art Sensus Gallery, London (UK) from the 13th Oct to 27th Nov 2010. We had a look around, and a talk to Nick about the show.

Nick Walker 'Le Corancan' stencil


WG – Back in the day you used to do freehand graff, I saw the Dopey piece you did with the freehand and the stencils together…

NW – Yeah that was a mixture of the two, it’s generally the thing I enjoy doing these days. I’m trying to bring a bit of newness to it, with stencils it’s nice but it’s a bit of an automated production. I stopped doing the canvas editions because it kind of waters down what you do.

Also when you’re painting and doing things so precise it’s nice to go away and do some freehand painting, change it as you go along. That’s what gives me a new lease of life, taking back a bit of the old and being a bit more true to myself.

Nick Walker 'Can't See Right From Wrong'

WG –So when you used to do the freehand stuff I guess it wasn’t political, no messages, when did that change?

NW – I don’t think much of my stuff has too much political agenda, I don’t want to do anything except give a little light relief. If you can make someone laugh or cry or whatever then for me I’ve done a good job.


WG –Favourite sneakers?

NW – Yeah I’m a sneakers man,  I like my Nike Cortez, Mexican gangster trainers! Can’t get enough of those, I constantly wear them. I used to wear Puma and shell toes too but it’s Nike Cortez really.

Nick Walker 'Amerikarma'


WG –You can only paint with 2 colours for the rest of your life, what 2?

NW – Red and black on a white surface.

WG –How long does it take to a piece like the Pope on the street?

NW – 2 hours on the pope. We were right against it, did it first thing in the morning starting at 6 o’clock, then as everyone is arriving from work they’re wondering how it got there. It wasn’t illegal, we got permission to do it because of the area we were in. When we painted in Paris we didn’t have permission so literally the French police turned up half and hour after we’d finished it. We still had bits of trace lying around, we hid the ladder and all the rest of it.

Pope Art Graffiti Nick Walker London

nick walker pope art london graffiti

WG –You had any problems with painting on the street?

NW – I’ve not had much bother with them really, best thing is you’ve got to do it early. If you do it at night time you might as well be dressed up like burglar bill!

Thanks to Nick!

Nick Walker ‘In Gods We Trust’ Show

Art Sensus Gallery

7 Howick Place
+44 (020) 7630 9585