ROCKET01 Graffiti Art, Sheffield UK - Interview 2010

ROCKET01 Graffiti Art, Sheffield UK – Interview 2010

ROCKET01 Graffiti Art, Sheffield UK – Interview 2010

Got a monster of a post today to start off 2010 properly, some wild graff and some questions answered byROCKET01. Check out the time lapse video too, it’s awesome.

WG – Where do you come from, and what names do you paint under?

ROCKET01 – I come from Sheffield, UK and I write under the name Rocket01.

WG – Favourite paint to use?

ROCKET01 – I have used Molotow premium now for many years and it does the trick for me.


WG – Your painting is pretty spectacular to look at, how long does it take you to do a large wall piece?

ROCKET01 – A large piece with background, characters and letters can take me 3 days, 1 day to prep up, sketch out and do the background, 1 day for the character, 1 day for the piece.

WG – What/who has influenced your style?

ROCKET01 – I am influenced by nature, plants, the world around me, science, sci fi and that sort of thing. The places i have travelled and music have also influenced me in the past.




WG – Where is your favourite place in the world to paint?

ROCKET01 – At the moment I have this really nice spot all to myself. It’s a derelict factory right in the middle of the countryside where i live. It has large smooth walls, good light, and shelter and that’s where I enjoy painting most especially around spring time.

WG – Did you always do these wild pieces or did you start off with more simple lettering/bombing?

ROCKET01 – I started out doing more simple lettering and never really did much bombing. I used to paint old school style letters but gradually learned 3d and i always worked at my characters along side letter styles.

I really like wildstyle letters and wanted to put a bit of that into 3d letters as i feel some 3d styles can often be too blocky and stiff, they lack the flow and movement of true graffiti letters. In the past i have experimented with organic styles and today i think this is where i feel most comfortable.





WG – Favourite trainers?

ROCKET01 – Damn, it changes all the time, I used to love Air Max, those with the bubble all way round the back and in white, also Air Max 85’s. These days I tend to go for brown/ beige colours, addidas gazelle, Puma. My most recent shoes were a pair of Sketchers and they’re lookin pretty good.

WG – What going on for Rocket01 in 2010?

ROCKET01 – 2009 was a busy year for me, I had a couple of shows and painted in a few countries including theIBUG event in Germany and a large event in Colombia. This year in 2010 I have a few shows lined up including a group show in New York.

I am working on a new series of canvas work and currently looking for new outlets for my work. It would be nice to get to abroad too but I am working towards bigger things in 2011 so this year I might have to hold back a little.

WG – What music you listening to at the moment?

ROCKET01 – My ipod is massive mix of music from Motown to Wu Tang, drum n bass, to the greatest sci-fi movie theme tunes!


WG – How did you start getting into the customising work you do?

ROCKET01 – I got asked to paint up a few trainers which I really enjoyed doing, I then bought some shoes specifically to paint them up and sell them on. since then I have designed snow boards, skateboards and t-shirts.

Customising things is great, I enjoy working with surface and shape of an object then fitting the work accordingly. This year I have a Vespa scooter to paint up which I am looking forward to.

WG – What’s the best bit about doing collaborations?

ROCKET01 – The best thing about collaborating for me is the mutual connection you have with another artists. You’re on the same wave length. Creating something with a theme or concept can have amazing outcomes. I also enjoy the challenge of adapting my work to fit alongside another writers whilst staying within my own personal boundaries.

Check out this great time lapse graffiti video, it’s got a kicking soundtrack too…

Cheers to ROCKET01 for answering the questions, see more of his art on the ROCKET01 site